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Welcome on the Village des Enfants (Kids’ village) website, an ecological and natural amusement park, with a multitude of fun and educational activities such as a little farm, water games, carousels, labyrinthine courses, civic circuits, adventures, sensory activities, a special place for young children, a minigolf, planispheres, game plains, inflatable structures, trampolines, workshops, exhibitions, shows, the beach, a 7 Dimension cinema, the crazy ladder, the iron bar, the Slip’N Slide, the infernal tower, the black run, the gigantic merry-go-round, the pedal carousel…

Indeed, it’s huge. The project was born in 2007, and we welcomed our first visitors, who came to live unforgettable moments with their family or in groups, in 2011. The park is situated next to the little village of Montagnac in the Gard, in the Languedoc Roussillon region, which is sitting on the Cévennes’s heights start at 184 meters high. Its inhabitants are called Montagnacais and Montagnacaises. Surrounded by the municipalities of Moulézan, Mauressargues and Montignargues, Montagnac is located 15 kilometers away to the north-west of Nîmes, 15 km away to the south of Anduze, 20 km away to the south of Alès and 40 km away to the north-east of Montpellier and to the east of Avignon and Uzès. This free-time place is situated on the outskirts of the secondary road D907.           On a more than 40000 m² ground, we are waiting for you with your family to share playful and informative activities adapted to children from 1 to 12 years old in a natural and ecological setting, respectful towards the environment.

2018 Novelties

 The WIZZER  single european, made in USA

Not forgetting our latest novelties : the PLOUF,  the 7 Dimension cinema, water games (during summer), the BEACH and its 30 meters long Slip’N Slide for a guaranteed refreshment, and also the crazy ladder, the bar… Come and Live the World Differently !!!

You’ll be able to discover the animals’ life with our little educational farm. The barnyard with hens, turkeys, ducks, gooses, guinea fowls, peacocks… but also the four-legged animals with donkeys, llamas, pigs, rabbits, sheeps… The attic and its ferrets, silkworms, chinchillas… and finally the high-courtyard with pigeons, goats, ponies… More than 200 animals will be overjoyed of your visit. Approching, touching and observing animals is enriching for children.

But also original carousels for thrills with the 10 meters high infernal tower for kids who don’t have dizziness, the black run on a sledge in a 30 meters long pipe, the pedal carousel which makes heads turn, the gigantic merry-go-round which goes up and down by the strengh of your arms, the 7 Dimension cinema to live the world differently with unique sensations, a crazy ladder to aim ever higher, the iron bar… The civic circuit on draisines or kick-scooters allows the children to learn the driver’s manual while having fun, thanks to road signs and tracks offered to them, not forgetting the kart circuit. They’ll gain trust while learning how to respect the others vehicles around them. For focus and sportiness, we propose a minigolf track on pilings, unique in France, with 18 holes, in the middle of nature, which enables to reconcile conviviality, personal accomplishment and competition spirit. This moment shared with your family or in groups will entertain kids just as well as adults. How not to lose north ? Well, you’ll discover this while travelling through the labyrinth, which we hope won’t make you lose your mind. This way, or this one, that’s your choice, the point is to find the exit and the insects that live in there… Not even scared !!! Here come the adventurers who defy the adventure circuit, among hard passages on logs, swinging beams, hanging ropes… but also the emotions in the tunnel, on the climbing wall or the zip-line… children will learn how to handle their fears and uncertainty against danger. Be careful, these circuits are at your own risk.

The special place for young children is adapted to kids below 4 years, so that they’ll discover our five little chalet on the five senses theme. A motor function circuit, a labyrinth, a games / reading corner, old cars and their garage, a trampoline, inflatable structures and more surprises are waiting for them. Water circuits are a dicovery, experimentation, relaxation and amusement place for a guaranteed refreshment. On this historical plain of our region, we can build water circuits and get soaked ! 5 different circuits are waiting for you : the Gardon valley, the Cévènnes, the Beach, the

Fountain, the Gold Digger, the milking cow, and not forgetting the atomizers. A place where during days of heat you’ll appreciate the freshness and the walk between bamboos. You’ll also discover the sensation the miners felt if you dare to enter the heart of earth. And during summer, for more frehness moments, we invite you to the beach !!! with water jets, for the young people… and the older ones, and also with the Slip’N Slide to slide on water during 30 meters. Expositions with the planisphere, made of 6 different pannels put in a hexagonal form, to play but also learn about our planet with borders, flags, different populations… An original way to approach geography. And the nature exposition, the exposition about the fauna and flora…

The sensory circuit where you’ll walk on around twenty different matters, from soft to hard, spiky to tender, hot to cold… Games to exert yourself such as trampolines, inflatable structures, swings, slides… To escape from life and invent stories in imaginary worlds, dicover the wonderful world with miniature characters who’ll make you travel through different spaces and settings.

Another reason to come to the Village des Enfants : to celebrate your children’s birthday, a Communion, a baptism, a wedding anniversary but also every other unforgettable family events. Spend a company day, a recreation centre day, take a school trip, or come with specialized establishments, hospitals… you’ll have some good time which’ll always be printed in your memory. Play and respect the surrounding environment by spending the day in this unique place !

A relaxation corner with deckchairs is at your disposal. On the food service side, for your midday meal, we propose home produces. Snacks, ice-creams, cakes, hot or cold drinks will delight your taste buds.

A free and shady car park is available to welcome you.

                                                  See you in the Village des Enfants, we’re waiting for your visit !!!

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le village des enfants


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