Open every day from 10h at 18h 30

+ 99 % of visitors being satisfied (month of september)

open every day of 10h at 18h 30

+ 99 % of visitors being satisfied (month of september)

Open every day from 10h at 18h 30

+ 99 % of visitors being satisfied (month of september)

The project was born in 2007 and is in January 2011 we welcomed the first visitors to make you spend unforgettable moments for families and groups. It is located on in the charming village of Montagnac in the Gard, in the Languedoc Roussillon, perched on the heights of the early Cévennes 184 meters. Its inhabitants are called Montagnacais and Montagnacaises.   Surrounded by the municipalities of Moulézan, Mauressargues and Montignargues, Montagnac is located 15 km north-west of Nîmes, 15 km south of Anduze at 20 km south of Ales and 40 km north-east of Montpellier east of Uzes and Avignon. This leisure is on the edge of the 907 county.  On a plot of + 40000 m2, we expect you to share with family suitable for children 1 to 12 years in a natural and ecological environment fun and educational activities, environmentally.  You can discover the life of animals with our mini petting zoo. The barnyard with chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, peacocks, …, four legs with donkeys, llamas, pigs, rabbits, sheep, …, attic and ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, .. and the High Court with pigeons, goats, ponies, … + 200 animals will be delighted with your visit. Approach, touch, observe animals is rewarding for children.  Citizenship circuit learner bike or scooter allows children to have fun while learning the rules of the road with road signs and routes that are offered. They will take confidence while learning to respect other vehicles around them and in respect of each and rules. Not to mention the go-kart circuit.
For concentration and sportsmanship, we offer a mini golf course on stilts, unique in France with 18 holes and in nature. The spirit of friendliness, small personal successes and competition. This shared with family or friends when amuse both young and old.   How not to lose the north? Well you will discover by browsing the labyrinth that hopefully will not make you lose your head. Here or there for you to decide, the important thing is to find the exit. Not even scared! And here are the adventurers defying the difficult passages between adventure on logs, rocker beam, swing ropes … and fears of the tunnel, a climbing wall, zip line, … children apprehend their fears and uncertainties and the risk of danger. Attention journey your own risk! Early childhood is the place suitable for smaller children under 4 years, so they will discover our five cottages on the theme of the five senses. A golf motor, a maze, a play area, reading, riding, old cars and garage, trampoline, bouncy castle, … and many other surprises await.
Plain water is a place of discovery, experimentation, relaxation and fun for a guaranteed refreshing. On this historic plain of our region, we can achieve the water circuits, wet. 5 different circuits await you: the valley of the Gardon, the Cevennes, the fountain, the gold digger, cow milking without forgetting the misters. A popular hot days or enjoy the freshness and ride the bamboo place settings. You can also

find the sensations mine if you dare to enter the heart of the earth.

The world map is a hex games and especially learning about our planet with borders, flags, populations and other information on our good old earth. Another way to approach the geography!  Thrills with rides like the giant carousel, ride the pedal, the infernal 10 meter high tower, … Games to spend as trampolines, inflatables, swings, slides. to escape and invent stories in imaginary worlds, discover the wonderful world of miniature figures that will make you travel in space and different designs.  Another way to come to the village children: Celebrating a birthday for children, communion, baptism, wedding anniversary or any other memorable family events. Spend a day business, a school outing, a day leisure center, specialized institutions, hospitals, … for a moment that will be remembered.
We make it a point of honor to preserve this natural place to use all its resources and focus on pedagogy. This is why you will find an exhibition on the vegetation of our region and we have implemented different approaches such as composting toilets, natural cleaning, sorting, our cups and straws are made of paper and cardboard recycled and many other things that we want to highlight. A questionnaire to know and learn the wildlife that we can find on the site and its surroundings. Enjoy and respect the environment around us through the day in this unique place!Zen relaxation area with loungers is available. Side catering for your lunch we offer local produce with a picnic basket, where you can enjoy sausage, pate, cheese, fruit, biscuits, … produced by artisans. Snacks, ice cream, cakes, hot and cold drinks will also ravished … your taste buds.

To welcome you a free shaded parking is available.


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  Puits Saint Martin -Route de Nîmes

  D907  30350 MONTAGNAC

le village des enfants


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lattitude : 43.93417  longitude : 4.15325